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First contact

A treatment process starts with an intake in which we address the present issues, problems and expectations.

Where do I work?



Group Practice​

In Harmonie

Overstraat 2

3290 Diest

In Harmonie is a wonderful group practice in the heart of Diest.

More information about In Harmonie as a group practice and their activities can be found here.

Integrative therapist

Katrien Van Roosendael

Hanewijk 5

3118 Rotselaar

Katrien has a home based therapy practice and works from an integrative approach.

More information about Katrien Van Roosendael can be found here

Group Practice​

Motion Center

Gilainstraat 63

3300 Tienen

Motion Center is a multidisciplinaire group practice in the center of Tienen: moving by way of physiotherapy and personal training. To obtain goals, exercise must be combined with adequate nutrition and mental support.

More information about Motion Center as a group practice and their activities can be found here.


In Harmonie - Diest


  • Tuesday: 18u - 23u

  • Thursday: 8u - 18u

Therapiepraktijk Werchter

Tuesday: 9u - 14u

Motion Center - Tienen


  • Monday: 9u -15u30

  • Wednesday: 9u - 12u

  • Friday: 12u30 - 15u30

  • Saterday: 16u  - 20u

  • Saterday: 12u30 - 15u30 (every fortnight)


A standard consultation lasts one hour and costs 75 EUR per hour (from 1 September 2021 for new clients). However, a session can be shorter or longer, depending on the flow of the conversation.

Consultations are paid per session, in cash or via Payconiq. Under certain circumstances it is possible to innvoice the consultations per month.

If you are unable to attend an appointment as scheduled, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance.  If you do not show without giving notice, the full session will be charged at the next consultation.


Most mutual health organisations provide partial reimbursement for out-patient consultations with a psychologist. The amount, the number of sessions and the conditions for reimbursement vary from one mutual health centre to another and often from one province to another.

Via this link you will find an overview of reimbursements for out-patient consultations with a psychologist or psychotherapist by the most common mutual health organisations. If anything is still unclear, you can contact the mutual health organisations of which you are a member.

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