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I like to compare life with the metaphor "to be on a walk".

Each one of us follow our own path. Sometimes we walk alone, sometimes with other people, sometimes with someone special. People come and people go. Our path doesn't always go straight, sometimes we encounter forks in the road, and we make choices. Sometimes the road is winding, steep up or downhill or overgrown, making life more difficult.

Life ripples on, but can also accelerate or come to an abrupt standstill. We go through terrible things that scar us for life or take us off our path.
I strongly believe in the power and potential we as humans have for acceptance, for growth and if necessary, change.

Granted, change can be frightening, but with the right support, it is certainly obtainable.

As a professional I would like to walk with clients through their experiences of lives: looking at the past, exploring the here-and-now and looking at the future.

Walking through different areas of life: personal life, social life, health, work, relationships, spirituality,... Reflecting on major events and important people in order to better understand ourselves. By getting to know ourselves better, really getting to know ourselves, dropping all the masks, (re)discovering our own values, we are able to create a better life for ourselves.

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